Why Treating the “Why” is as Important as Treating the “What” – Southeast Sports Seminars

Why Treating the “Why” is as Important as Treating the “What”

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December 28, 2016
The New Science of Concussion: An Invisible Disability
August 30, 2017

Insurance companies think that once an injured “whatever” has healed, there is no future need for care. However, great clinicians use their ability to recognize the causative factors that led to a specific diagnosis – the WHY, then set their treatment goals directed at the why, not just the what. This leads to improved outcomes and lower re-injury rates. Brandon Steele, D.C. FACO, and ChiroUp, a presenter at the ACA Sports Council’s MidWest Regional on Repair and Recovery in September, has identified several functional deficits (“why’s”) that seem to be co-conspirators of many structural problems (“what’s”).

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