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What Sets You Apart?

Why Aren’t They Getting Better? 5 Ways to Improve Patient Outcomes
December 20, 2016

What makes you unique?  Why do patients choose you over the other practitioners in your community?

Not many of us take the time to really ponder these questions but they are a crucial aspect of attracting new patients and keeping current ones.  How do you engage your community?  What level of service(s) do you offer that other docs in and around your community can’t?

If you don’t ask these questions on a somewhat regular basis, you may be in danger of becoming {insert gasp} stagnant!  What does that look like, you may ask?  That place where your patient visits start dropping off and you start feeling like a bit of a robot on an assembly line–you know, the old “pop. crack. next.” deal?

Don’t worry…you aren’t alone!  Professionals in every industry struggle with this from time-to-time but there is something you can actively do to stay on “top of your game” and ensure you are using cutting-edge techniques to offer your patients the best care possible.

Our seminars offer more than just CEs for your license renewal….they offer you an opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and attract new patients while improving the care you are providing your current patients.

Our upcoming seminars on Neck & Shoulder Injuries in Athletes will provide:

  • In-depth review of key cervical spine and shoulder anatomy to identify movement and pain dysfunction that may predispose your patient to further injury
  • Evidence-based evaluation procedures of the neck and of the shoulder to make assessment of complaints quick and justifiable for payment
  • Contraindications to treatment to protect your patient and your practice
  • Biomechanical assessment of the cervical spine and shoulder to root out faulty movement patterns and make diagnosis less complicated.
  • How to make an evidence-based diagnosis of common cervical and shoulder injuries that occur in sports and recreational fitness
  • Evidence-based protocols to develop and deliver effective chiropractic and rehabilitative procedures
  • Including:
  • Recommendations for passive rehabilitation to control pain and inflammation
  • Soft tissue and myofascial release techniques that are innovative, effective, fast, easy and inexpensive
  • Exercise recommendations and progressions to restore proper motor function.
The biggest take away from all of this is that we are passionate about helping you be a better doctor! We know you care deeply about how you treat your patients and that your top priority is improving patient outcomes.  We get it–we are docs too!
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