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The New ACA…A Step Forward for Evidence-Based Care

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For many Sports Chiropractic practitioners, last week’s announcement by the ACA was a HUGE step forward in the right direction.  For years, the in-fighting within the profession has been steadily building and for parties on either side, it has become abundantly clear that the word “chiropractor” can mean many different things to those that have the “DC” letters behind their name and the patients they serve.

While the reaction from the vitalistic sects within the profession has not yet been released officially, the response for the evidence-based chiropractors has been overwhelmingly in favor of this new shift.  At Southeast Sports Seminars, we couldn’t be more pleased with this new direction for the ACA and feel that this is a HUGE step forward towards legitimizing a profession that has been no stranger to criticism from other groups within the healthcare community.  Recent legislative battles have been waged by state chapters of the AMA in Texas and Idaho to limit (and in some cases restrict) the scope of practice for chiropractic in those states; which further solidifies our opinion that this is the perfect time to take a stand for evidence-based care.

The transformation of the ACA comes as a result of a brand study; “an extensive process of review, reflection and self-examination” completed by an outside consulting firm that interviewed association members, non-members, other healthcare providers and stake holders to examine exactly what the perception is of the chiropractic profession–both internally and externally.

Key findings include:

Chiropractic has a long history of intraprofessional fighting over treatment philosophy, making the goal of total professional unity unachievable.

The profession is very insular and has an underdog mindset, which is holding it back.

The wide variances in quality and treatment options for patient care leave consumers and other health care professionals confused and without a clear and consistent patient expectation.

By reinventing itself with substance, a positive tone, and clear language, ACA has an opportunity to elevate members and move the profession forward. This also results in the public having clear expectations of and greater confidence in ACA chiropractors.

This comes as a refreshing new focus to insure that doing what’s best for the patient is always the top priority and that working together with other healthcare professionals is a vital component of carrying out that goal.

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