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Fitness Programming for Optimal Function and Performance
"Rehab to Fitness is ahead of the curve and one of a kind. It contains all of the information a practitioner could need to integrate healthcare with fitness seamlessly, in a way that has the future of the industry in mind. From details of program design, to extensive exercise progression/regression, to cutting edge load management techniques, everything covered in the class equips you with what you need to succeed in this emerging corner of healthcare. I’m already planning and looking forward to taking the class again!"
- Andrew Todd
Learn How to Develop Fitness Programs for Anyone
Rehab to Fitness teaches Clinicians, Trainers and Fitness Professionals how to progress clients and patients from rehab into a functional fitness program.  


Fully Virtual Course

25hrs of On-Demand, Self-Paced Learning

This online course is fully on-demand and self-paced. You'll learn through a variety of videos. demonstration tutorials, lectures, presentations as well as our white-board wrap-up videos that make sure you grasp the most important take-aways.

All along the way, you'll complete quizzes to gauge your understanding of the material PLUS you get lifetime access to review the content as many times as you like.

Live In-Person Course

16hr In-Person Course +Access to Virtual Exercise Library

In this interactive live workshop, healthcare practitioners, fitness professionals and students will learn the fundamentals of fitness programming for patients and athletes at all levels of skill and ability. Learn how to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness with a step-by-stap matrix that teaches you the systems for establishing a baseline, prescribing exercises with appropriate progressions and regressions, increasing strength, developing a better capacity for fitness and monitoring stress.

All tickets to the live in-person event also include lifetime access to the virtual exercise library with 7 modules of exercise videos with step-by-step tutorials.

R2F Cohort Program*

16 Week Interactive Intensive Certification Program

Take your learning to the next level with this intensive 16-week training program.  Our cohort program provides in-depth education on all of the concepts of fitness, stress management, strength and conditioning, speed and agility training, sports-specific training and much, much more.

Content is delivered in weekly modules to easily complete the coursework at your own pace.  Engage with other cohort participants and Dr. Teter in live virtual meet-ups and enjoy guest lectures from a number of leading experts in the fields of fitness and rehabilitation.

Enrollment opens in the fall of 2021 and the first cohort begins in January.  Complete the form below to get on the list to receive more information.
Why Rehab to Fitness?
  • IMMEDIATE APPLICATION: From the basics of fitness and exercise physiology to advanced strength and conditioning programming techniques, participants will leave this course with a specific and practical blueprint that they can begin applying to clients and patients immediately.
  • PROGRESS BEYOND REHAB: The Rehab to Fitness Matrix provides opportunities to assist patients after rehab has concluded. Helping to equip them with exercises to not only prevent injury, but improve performance
  • RELEVANT CONTENT: The information included in this class has helped both general fitness clients and elite athletes achieve their peak physical potential and remain injury free.
  • GAIN A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE TRUE DEFINITION OF FITNESS: Learn how to utilize exercise as medicine and how to integrate fitness programming into musculoskeletal care.





Here's what past attendees have to say...

"Dr. Teter was able to take a subject that can be pretty intimidating for many and created a thoughtful system designed to empower providers and patients/clients alike. The course proved to be fun and engaging because Dr. Tom Teter is a open book and is willing to share all that he has learned. One of my favorite aspects of Dr. Teter, in relation to the course, is that there was no ego. He actively looks to improve and if there is a "better way/idea" on the table he welcomes it. His communication skills were also top notch, which allowed him to keep to class moving and still left plenty of space for questions and tons of humor. Rehab to Fitness: Programming for Function and Performance has been one of the better seminar experiences I've had and I absolutely recommend it!"

- Travis Rogers, DC

"This class was very helpful at bridging the gap between the table and exercise. Using motor and loading progressions that follow straightforward logic, and understanding principles of load and stress management i feel very prepared to tackle any demographic, athlete, or team in prevention of injury and athlete development."

- Harrison Vawter, DC

"This course gives you a piece of the missing link between treating on the table and getting the patient to where they want to be. It's the perfect collaboration between the clinician and the trainer. If you're looking to streamline or scale up your practice, this is where you start."

- Calvin Chen

"In our education we know how to help/assess people clinically while they're in pain, but not always do we know how to build stronger and more resilient humans once out of pain. Dr. Teter gives you a systemized plan to take someone from experiencing pain, to beginning the process of fitness, to flourishing in the gym. The work should not stop once someone is out of pain, but just getting started. This course gives you the ability to manage a patient/client for longevity as a pain-free mover, regardless of their baseline. Couldn't have asked for better knowledge shared and material provided."

- Dalton Sealy

Saturday Timeline
8:00AM - CONCEPTS IN FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - Making training more Functional and Introducing the Functional Training Model

9:30AM - RISK STRATIFICATION AND SCREENING - Screening vs Assessment, Health Screening, Movement Screening, Red Light System

10:30AM - PROGRAM DESIGN - Preparation/workout structure/design, Considerations for Exercise and Types of Effort

11:45 - 1:00PM - Lunch Break

1:00PM - PROGRAM DESIGN (CONT.) - Training template, exercise progressions/regressions, exercise variable manipulation and the 4 P's of Exercise Execution

2:30PM - BIOMECHANICS OF EXERCISE - Biomechanics, force, joint mechanics, adaptation, specificity training, functional vs. transfer, contraindication

3:45PM - BIOMECHANICS OF EXERCISE (CONT.) - Functional Exercise Continuum, strategic progression, micro-progression, micro-adaptation, momentum, intertia, velocity and joint forces

5:00PM - Q&A, End of Day 1
Sunday Timeline
8:00AM - ACTIVITY PREPARATION: Warm-up, mobility vs. flexibility, stages of active preparation, thermogenic preparation, soft tissue neuroregulation, active movement preparation, muscle activation and dynamic movement preparation

9:30AM - RESISTANCE TRAINING UPPER EXTREMITY) - Upper body resistance exercises

10:45AM - TRUNK/SPINE RESISTANCE EXERCISES - Stability, Anti-Rotation, Strength and Anti-extension

12:00PM - 1:00PM - Lunch Break

1:00PM - RESISTANCE TRAINING (LOWER EXTREMITY) Lower body resistance exercises (knee and hip dominant)

2:30PM - CONDITIONING - Energy System Development, Energy system programming and methods

3:45PM - PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER - Program Execution, Exercise exclusion/modification, workout creation, workout implementation and session management

5:00PM - Q&A, End of Day 2
Continuing Education Credit Available
Continuing Education Credit is Available through the following Accrediting Bodies:
  • Chiropractors:  The Rehab to Fitness course is approved by The PACE program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. States that accept PACE approved courses include: AK, ID, IN, IA, KS, MA, ME, MD, MN, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OR, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA, VT, WA, WY, Puerto Rico and Nova Scotia.
  • Physical Therapists/PTAs: The Rehab to Fitness coursework is approved for physical therapy continuing competency in the following US states: AL, AZ, GA, IA, ID, MA, MI, MO, NE, ND, OR, RI, SD, UT, WA, WI.
  • *Virtual learning hours accepted vary by state. It is the practitioners' responsibility to confirm virtual hours that are accepted by their state board.*
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