About the Course

Developed by renowned clinician and author, Dr. Brian Abelson, Motion Specific Release provides a framework for treating soft tissue dysfunction with an individualized approach. MSR equips practitioners with a powerful, individualized hands-on approach to releasing fascial restrictions–allowing for improved range-of-motion and pain relief. With over 25 years of clinical and teaching experience. Dr. Abelson has developed effective protocols for treating both common and complex conditions such as plantar fasciitis, back and neck pain, TMJ, headaches, sciatica, nerve entrapment syndromes, and hand and foot dysfunctions, alwayswith  a focus on addressing kinetic chain relationships through MSR Local and Global Tensegrities.

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Course 1: Upper Extremity

In this hands-on, two-day course, we will cover the entire upper body including cervicals, shoulder, arms, wrist and hand, breathing dysfunction and upper nerve entrapment syndromes. Practitioners typically attend the Upper Extremity Course before attending the Lower Extremity Course, but they can be taken in any order.

Course 2: Lower Extremity Course

In this hands-on, two-day course, we cover the full lower extremities including the hip, thigh and knee along with ankle, foot and toe dysfunction and lower extremity nerve entrapment syndromes. Practitioners typically attend the Upper Extremity Course before attending the Lower Extremity Course, but they can be taken in any order.
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About Dr. Abelson

Developer of Motion Specific Release

Brian Abelson, DC

Best-selling author, practitioner, and instructor, Dr. Brian Abelson is the developer of Motion Specific Release (MSR). For over 25 years Dr. Abelson has been in clinical practice at Kinetic Health in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he serves as an MSR Practitioner and Clinical Director. Dr. Abelson brings a strong background in a wide variety of musculoskeletal approaches both as a practitioner and as an instructor.

Each year to further grow his expertise, Dr. Abelson travels to various regions of the world to search for new ways to improve his skills. In addition to being a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Abelson is extensively trained in biomechanics, sports medicine, fascial manipulation, acupuncture and wide range of other soft tissue techniques.

On a personal level, Dr. Abelson believes in taking advantage of this beautiful world we live in. Dr. Abelson and his wife Kamali are very passionate about travel, culture, and the incredible natural diversity our planet presents. As a strong advocate of human and environmental rights, he has donated a portion of each patient visit to these causes for over two and half decades. For more information about Dr. Abelson, please check out his curriculum vitae.

Course Schedules and Outlines

Our "learn by doing" methodology offers you an opportunity to apply what you learn immediately in practice.

Day #1:

and Introduction…8:00AM

Resolving Cervical Dysfunction…8:30AM

Addressing Temporomandibular Dysfunction…10:00AM


Resolving Anterior Posture and Rotator Cuff Injuries…11:15AM

Lunch Break….12:30PM

Dealing with Frozen Shoulder…1:30PM


Resolving Breathing Dysfunction…3:15PM

Conclusion of Day 1…5:00PM


Day #2

Introduction to Day 2…..8:00AM

Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow…..8:30AM

Hand Dysfunction…..10:00AM


Upper Extremity Nerve Entrapment Syndromes…..11:00AM

Conclusion and Q&A…..12:00PM

Day #1

and Introductions…..8:00AM

Solving Hip Dysfunction…..9:00AM


Resolving Low Back Issues…..10:00AM

Lunch Break…..12:30PM

Peripheral Nerve Entrapments of the Low Back…..1:30PM


Resolving Hamstring-Quadriceps Injuries…..3:15PM

Conclusion of Day 1…..5:30PM

Day #2:

Introduction to Day 2…..8:00AM

Resolving Knee Injuries…..8:30AM

Resolving Shin Splints…..9:30AM


Calf and Achilles Injuries…..10:15AM

Ankle Sprains…..10:45AM

Plantar Fasciitis…..11:30AM

Conclusion of Day 2 and Q&A…..1:00PM

Upcoming Course Dates

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"MSR is exceptionally effective with my patients. The information we learned was current and evidence-based. I get quick results which means more patients refer their friends and family to my practice. I would highly recommend this course"
Dr. Jamila Abdulla