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Dr. Makani Lew


Dr. Makani Lew is a full-time professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s West Campus in San Jose, Calif., where she teaches all levels of diagnosis and management of spinal and extremity musculoskeletal disorders. Dr. Lew teaches in the classroom and in the laboratory setting chiropractic adjusting technique, exercise and rehabilitation, and physiotherapy modalities.

Dr. Lew, a Diplomate in Rehabilitative Exercises (http://www.acrb.org), approaches movement coaching by figuring out where folks don’t move well, or have excessive movement, and helping them discover a body weight stretch and exercise program geared specifically to them. Combined with corrective chiropractic adjustments, the goal is to pick stretches and exercises that work within and at the top of that person’s capabilities zone.

Her passion to help people find safe and fun ways to move is evident when you read her suggestions on her reference blog. This blog provides quicklinks to text books, seminars, and products essential for doctors in the field of neuromusculoskletal health. You can also fin links to her articles on the evidence beyond core strengthening exercises. http://freetofeelhealthy.blogspot.com

A 1991 Palmer West Campus alumna, Dr. Lew was appointed to the West Campus faculty in 2000, and is a six-time “Instructor of the Year” award honoree, as selected by the West Campus student body.

In addition to teaching current students, Dr. Lew also has been a featured speaker at multiple postgraduate programs, including the Palmer West Campus 2010 Homecoming. Dr. Lew also is an active participant in various Palmer-sponsored programs designed for prospective students exploring career opportunities in the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Lew, who earned her B.S. (biology) from Earlham College, has been published in several chiropractic journals, including the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association. Her research work has been presented at various professional conferences, including the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) and Research Agenda Conference (RAC). She’s also been a featured speaker at other health care conferences, including the Annual Health Professions Conference.


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