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Dr. Brian Quattlebaum


As a board member since 2006 and upcoming President of the South Carolina Chiropractic Association for 2014, Dr. Brian Quattlebaum has seen his share of health care practitioners endure the rigors of the post-payment audit process. He has seen good doctors/health care practitioners; including chiropractors, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, literally lose everything in this process. These were good people who were guilty of one thing, they did not understand the importance of documentation, coding, and compliance until it was too late. Due to this situation as well as his own personal experience with the audit process, he decided to better prepare himself and never let a lack of knowledge cause him to fall prey to the audit/recoupment process.

As he began the daunting task of getting a grasp on the various rules and regulations of differing insurance carriers as well as the myriad amount of documentation rules and guidelines, he realized he needed better training to properly prepare himself for the future of health care and insurance reimbursement. Therefore, he decided to undergo training with the AAPC, and he is now a certified professional coder (CPC), a certified professional medial auditor (CPMA) as well as a certified professional coder for chiropractic (CCP-C). He is always interested in remaining at the forefront of the latest information in documentation, coding and compliance in all fields of medicine. With this in mind, he is currently pursuing further specialty documentation, coding, and compliance certifications.

Dr. Quattlebaum realizes with the current state of health care, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act changes, and the insurance companies constantly striving to increase “the bottom line” that resting on his laurels is not an option. He understands that in today’s world, one cannot stand still in his or her pursuit of knowledge of documentation, coding, and compliance. As he often says to his clients, “You cannot be a fish in the ocean of health care documentation, compliance and coding, you must be a shark; constantly moving looking for extra knowledge…or you will die!” Dr. Quattlebaum currently practices Chiropractic in Charleston, SC and is a one of the founding owners of CAYAC, LLC.


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