You may not know our name, but you know who we are.

We are the rebels, the mad scientists, the pioneers that push the boundaries of the status quo. Our founders stepped outside the boundaries of commonly accepted treatment protocols to forge a new path that began a ripple effect.

FAKTR (pronounced factor), stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation—to put it simply, the FAKTR rehabilitation system does exactly what it says: Assesses and Treats Dysfunction within the Kinetic Chain through movement.

We are FAKTR. We were the first to incorporate movement with IASTM and we are pushing the envelope yet again, delivering a truly comprehensive rehabilitation system in every hands-on course.

What is FAKTR?

FAKTR (Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation) incorporates the latest research and evidence-based soft-tissue techniques into a comprehensive rehabilitation system to treat common musculoskeletal disorders and complicated injuries. The concept incorporates:

  • Various manual and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques (IASTM)
  • Cupping
  • Joint Compression Flossing
  • Visual queuing of proprioceptive movement
  • Active rehabilitation with therapeutic exercise
  • Functional movement training
  • BioMechanical Taping

FAKTR offers a truly comprehensive rehab system that can be implemented immediately in practice.

Not only will you learn when and how to treat, but you’ll learn valuable taping techniques that help to reinforce your rehab long after the patient leaves your office.

Learn More About FAKTR

FAKTR offers certifications for physicians and musculoskeletal practitioners throughout the world as well as soft tissue instruments, emollient and accessories. Learn more about FAKTR at


FAKTR Courses

November 4-5, 2017San Luis Obispo, CAFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now
October 7-8, 2017Redding, CAFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now
October 21-22, 2017West Palm Beach, FLFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now
November 11-12, 2017Houston, TXFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now
November 11-12, 2017Atlanta, GAFAKTR with Tom HydeRegister Now
November 18-19, 2017Charlotte, NCFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now
October 21-22, 2017Seneca Falls, NYFAKTR with Tom HydeRegister Now
October 28-29, 2017Washington, DCFAKTR with Tom HydeRegister Now
September 23-24, 2017St. Paul, MNFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now
September 30-Oct1, 2017St. Louis, MOFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now
November 25-26, 2017Bournemouth, EnglandFAKTR with Dynamic TapeRegister Now

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