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5 Ways to Grow Your Practice NOW

Why Aren’t They Getting Better? 5 Ways to Improve Patient Outcomes
December 20, 2016

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, more and more physicians are utilizing every resource they can to stand out from the competition.  The days of visiting the chiropractor for neck and back pain are slowly fading as more and more patients are seeking alternative forms of healthcare for what ails them.  From head-colds to ankle sprains and torn ligaments, chiropractors are quickly becoming the preferred healthcare provider for many patients.

Learn Exercises and Protocols you can use on Monday in your practice

After attending this course, you will walk away with knowledge and techniques that you can implement in your practice starting on Monday morning. You will be fully equipped to assess, diagnose and treat common and complicated neck and shoulder injuries for patients ranging from the novice athlete to the weekend warrior that over-extended themselves. Patients come to us looking for results and what better way to develop a long-term loyal patient-base than to heal them quickly and efficiently beyond the chiropractic adjustment?

Meet other doctors and make connections within your profession

No business is an island, but sometimes it can feel like it–especially in healthcare and in a market that may be over-saturated with chiropractors. Take this opportunity to meet and socialize with other chiropractors from around the Southeast…you never know what connections you may make by simply sharing a lunch with someone and doing hands-on training side-by-side. Wouldn’t it be nice to share thoughts/ideas/struggles with other people who actually understand? The best resource we have as Chiropractic Physicians is each other.

Transcend the “Back and Neck” Stigma

Have you ever encountered a situation where a patient’s treatment plan just isn’t panning out? It can be extremely frustrating when you are trying everything you have in your “tool belt” and the patient still isn’t getting the results that either of you expected. This course will equip you with additional “tools” to use in these situations. In recent years, more and more chiropractic patients are coming to us for more than just neck and back pain. For athletes and active individuals, chiropractic care is the perfect treatment for the injuries and overuse that can cause them pain and hamper their performance. We can no longer be the “neck and back docs” when we can easily act as the non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, “joint experts.”

Improve your Clinic’s Profitability

With all of the uncertainty in healthcare these days, many clinics are having to re-evaluate their revenue streams and expand their service offerings not only to meet a growing patient demand but to also increase their profitability in an ever-volatile market. By offering new exercise and rehab protocols, you can increase the profitability of each patient visit when you encounter one of several common conditions of the neck and shoulder while getting them back to doing what they love faster than ever before.

Earn 12 CEUs in one weekend with hands-on training

Hands-on training is the key to retaining information and being equipped to implement it right away. With our courses, you never have to worry about sitting for hours on end with no break in the endless lecture–we are all about optimal movement right? In our courses you will get out of your seat and practice protocols on your colleagues so that you can “learn by doing,” not just by listening. By having an opportunity to apply your knowledge with the instructor present, you can ensure that you can hit the ground running with your patients on Monday.

Whichever beautiful setting you join us in (Greenville, SC in October or Charlotte, NC in December), you will have an opportunity to enjoy all that these charming Southern cities have to offer while gaining 12 continuing education hours in one weekend–complete with meal options and discounted hotel rates available. Sounds pretty great right?