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It is time for a Break-Through in your Practice?
You've taken technique courses and you've picked up new skills and knowledge along the way. You feel prepared for anything and then you encounter patient after patient that just isn't progressing like they should.  Sound familiar?  


With FAKTR, you learn a comprehensive Rehab System that presents new tools and treatment techniques and incorporates many that you may already utilize in practice.  With FAKTR, we introduce the assessments and strategies to help you fit all the puzzles piece together. No more chasing pain or using a myriad of treatments with no real results -
Introducing FAKTR- With President Jessica Riddle
Ever wonder why your favorite technique might not be working on a patient? Are you concerned that your patients might not be getting better fast enough and are becoming frustrated? Are you looking for a way to get your athletes moving again without having to buy all new equipment?

Jessica Riddle, FAKTR and Southeast Sports Seminars President, explains how the FAKTR REHAB SYSTEM can help you help your patients - from day 1.
FAKTR + Dynamic Tape: An Integrative Rehab System
Two Courses. One high impact weekend of hands-on learning. Your practice may never be the same.
With the FAKTR Rehab System, we apply the latest rehab, fascia and pain science research to ensure that our protocols stay up to date and clinically relevant. Clinicians are often seeking the treatment options that have the highest impact while minimizing patient down time. The FAKTR System is designed to manage pain quickly, while progressing your patient through safe, effective exercise regimens.
“Technique” courses focus on teaching ONE way of managing an injury. You won’t find that with the FAKTR Rehab System training. Attendees will learn multiple approaches with various soft tissue and manual treatment options to alleviate pain fast. But what really sets us apart is how we’ve integrated exercise into these treatments for a truly comprehensive Rehab System.

FAKTR has been Re-defining Rehab since 2010, and much like your patient care is continually evolving, so are we.  In 2017 we incorporated BioMechanical Taping into our FAKTR Rehab System utilizing a product in a category all its own.

Dynamic Tape is that product and it is a GAME CHANGER--unlike any athletic or kinesiology tape on the market. Why? Dynamic tape is the perfect hybrid of the two types...It offers the support that kinesiology tape cannot all while allowing for full range of motion with support. It's literally the perfect blend of elasticity and support.

As a clinician, you have to ask yourself which is better? Classes with one technique option to treat your patients or a class that teaches an entire system that will result in accelerated outcomes, satisfied patients,  a cash based service, and less stress figuring out which technique to use when?

We think that choice is obvious. 

Register for one of our 2018 events below and embark on a new journey growing your practice...
Register For One Of Our 2018 Events Below
FAKTR 2: FAKTR Rehab System (12 CE hours)
Saturday and 1/2 day Sunday
Our two day events will teach you the FATKR Rehab system which includes all of the treatments below. You'll learn everything from assessment through treatment and follow-up, equipping you with everything you need in order to go back your office on Monday and implement the System.  After this course, you'll have the structure you need in order to integrate multiple treatment techniques with your patients - knowing when and how to treat for maximum results.
Fairfax, VA
Dates: February 3-4
Instructor: Dr. Tom Hyde
Plano, Texas
Dates: Feb 10-11
Instructor: Dr. Tom Hyde
Redding, CA
Dates: Mar 24-25
Instructor: Dr. David Benevento
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dates: April 28-29
Instructor: Dr. Todd Riddle
Quebec, Canada
Dates: May 5-6
Instructor: Dr. Todd Riddle
Portland, OR
Dates: May 5-6
Instructor: Dr. David Benevento
Dallas, TX
Dates: June 2-3
Instructor: Dr. Todd Riddle
Tampa, Florida
Dates:  June 2-3
Instructor: Dr. Tyler Jack
Fargo, ND
Dates:  August 5-6
Instructor: Dr. Todd Riddle
FAKTR 3: FAKTR and Dynamic Tape (20 CE hours)
 Friday, Saturday and 1/2 day Sunday
Our three day events will teach you everything you would learn in our 2-day FAKTR Rehab System training event PLUS an additional 8hr hands-on BioMechanical Taping course featuring Dynamic Tape.  Think you've already got this taping thing under wraps?  You've never seen tape that can do this!
Daytona, Florida
Dates: Feb 2-4
Instructor: Dr. Tyler Jack

San Luis Obispo, California
Dates: Feb 23-25
Instructors: Dr. David Benevento and Solomon Joseph, PT
Mahattan, New York
Dates: April 13-15
Instructor: Dr. Todd Riddle

Chicago, Illinois
Dates: June 1-3
Instructors: Dr. Derrick Raymer and Dr. Andy Strachan
Raynham, Massachusetts
Dates:  June 8-10
Instructor: Dr. Todd Riddle

Pasadena, Texas
Dates: Sept 28 -30
Instructor: Dr. Derrick Raymer and Dr. Todd Riddle
What You'll Learn At Our Event
Each of our events are designed to teach you the elements of a framework that will take what you already know, add to it, and give you a system that will revolutionize your practice. You will be able to go back to your office on Monday and experience work like you never have before. 
Efficacious Rehabilitation Applications
Progression and proper exercise grouping is fundamental to any rehabilitation program.
With FAKTR, we cover principles of proper groupings of rehabilitative exercises to help meet clinical outcomes.  We combine these exercises with IASTM for a dynamic and highly effective approach to treatment.
Dynamic Myofascial Decompression
Myofascial Decompression or "cupping" as it is commonly known has gained international attention after being seen on Olympic athletes. Much like everything we do, it wasn't enough to perform this statically--we will teach you how to use MD with motion for better results.
BioMechanical Taping
It's not a kinesiology tape or a rigid athletic tape--it's a different beast entirely and a perfect marriage of the two.  You don't apply it the same way as either one and can utilize unique applications (like power bands and spiral techniques) to leverage its viscoelastic properties for managing load and improving function.
Joint Compression Flossing
With FAKTR floss, you'll learn how to use this easy and portable tool to decrease pain and increase fluid range of motion quickly and easily.  You'll learn why some of the world's top athletes and performers have these rolls travel with them everywhere.
Clinical Assessments
You'll learn an array of clinical assessments to help better guide your patient treatment. While pain is a good indicator of dysfunction, it is not the only place you should be looking so we teach you how to consider the entire kinetic chain.
Proprioception and Motor Control
When it comes to patient care, the technology involved is constantly evolving.  With the technology we employ in the FAKTR Rehab System, you can not only tell your patients how to do their rehab exercises, you can show them and make sure they are doing it correctly.
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Check Out Our 3-Day Certification Bundles
We offer bundle pricing for you to really get the most out of your training.
Professional Certification Bundle
  •  Registration for FAKTR 12hr course - $499 value
  •  Registration for Dynamic Tape 8hr course - $275 value
  •  FAKTR Online course (6.5 CE hours) - $175 value
  •  Choice of 1 FAKTR Instrument - $299 value
Total Package Value: $1248
For DCs, PTs, PTAs, ATs, LMTs, OTs, OTAs
Bundle Pricing: $899
Student* Certification Bundle
  •  Registration for FAKTR 12hr course - $399 value
  •  Registration for Dynamic Tape 8hr course - $175 value
  •  FAKTR Online course (6.5 CE hours) - $150 value
  •  Choice of 1 FAKTR Instrument - $299 value
Total Package Value: $1023
*for students, faculty and military*
Bundle Pricing: $699
The FAKTR Rehab System is the culmination of years of clinical experience from leading sports medicine professionals. FAKTR provides a simple yet elegant way to assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions and achieve impressive results~quickly and easily.
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